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7 Reasons why Your Company Needs Kulenga Digital Marketing & Consultancy

There are big changes coming to the land of digital marketing, changes that will worsen current struggles that most businesses face today. Competition is fierce and frustration levels are high.

As Kulenga Digital Marketing and Consultancy, we're finding that the large majority of small and medium size businesses either don't have, or are not prioritizing "marketing strategy." Businesses need to understand that paid advertising alone is NOT a marketing strategy.

Most companies do not have the knowledge or internal resources to formulate and maintain a comprehensive marketing strategy. This often results in inconsistent ad buying, thin blog content, and desperate social posts that do not leave a good impression on prospects and site visitors.

The best advice I can give to business owners and managers is to STOP wasting precious time and money on marketing tactics. Book a consultation with Kulenga Digital Marketing and Consultancy today, and formulate a plan that will drive results this year.

Here are the 7 reasons why you need Kulenga Digital:

1. Kulenga Digital can present you in a better light than you could do on your own.

We have a unique perspective on your firm as outsiders. We will ask a lot of questions about what makes your company special and use tactics get prospects excited about your brand.

2. Kulenga Digital is continuously learning and will ensure that you follow best practices whenever possible.

We are on top of outside forces that can impact your brand directly and make sure you're playing by the "rules of the internet." They should also be forward-looking to determine what technology(s) are a good fit for your strategy. SSL. AI. Bots. Voice-based search. Video. They're not coming. They're here.

3. Kulenga Digital can humanize your brand by producing content that people will love.

The more boring and un-sexy your industry is, the more you will be in need of us. Many businesses struggle to get beyond industry jargon because they believe that makes them more credible. Best believe, the world doesn't care about technical gibberish, they only care if your product or services can solve their problems. Kulenga knows how to write for humans.

4. Kulenga Digital will provide a level of consistency that you cannot internally.

When your last ad was the classifieds, or your social posts convey passiveness and disconnection with your audience, it's time to turn over the keys to someone who has the tools and expertise to consistently produce and share information of value to your audience.

5. Kulenga Digital will be "social" for you when you don't have the time or feel like it.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn. Each social network has its own rules and analytics that are different. This is not easy to maintain. If your company and brand needs to be social (it does) then you need our assistance.

6. Kulenga Digital has the ability to prove ROI on your marketing activities.

Proving ROI on marketing activity is not an easy thing. One of the primary reasons is due to lack of client involvement, patience and transparency. If specific measurement is what you require, become a true partner with our agency and the results will be magical.

7. Kulenga Digital will let you focus on your day job.

With the development of apps, social media and DIY websites, everyone thinks they're a marketer. While most of us have become more adept at marketing in some way, unless it's how you make your living, focus on your day job and let us get people excited about your brand.

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