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5 Ways to Connect with your Client

What priority should your customers have in your business? The first priority, right? When your clients are the backbone of your business, you should constantly be working on forming a connection with them. With the daily grind of everyday business and evolving technologies, it can sometimes be difficult to engage with your clients. Luckily, there are five simple ways you can connect with your customers that will have them coming back for more business and referring you to their entire network.

Want to connect with your customers? You have to get to know them on a personal level.

1. Know Your Customers

Knowing your customers lets you in on the secrets of what your specific audience loves to see and what annoys them. It gives you an insider perspective on the type of marketing content you need, the media sources you should be using, the sales conventions needed on your website, and the kinds of products and services you should be developing.

You can get to know your customers by finding out their:

  • Income

  • Demographics like age, sex, location, occupation

  • Hobbies and interests

  • Shopping patterns

  • Online habits

  • Pain points

With this information at hand, you can target the customers with the right content, promotions, and marketing channels, and most of all, you now have a way to serve these individuals. You can uncover this information by conducting market research, sending them surveys, or reading and listening to their feedback on social media, forums, and review sites.

2. Establish trust

When you’re just getting to know your client, hold back on making your sales pitch, and settle on having a conversation first. Cultivate the trust before you try to sell them your products. If your existing client has a complaint, pay close attention to what they’re saying and respond with empathy. Try relating to their situation by telling them about a similar experience you had.

There’s nothing more annoying than calling a phone number and having a robotic voice answer the line. You end up frustrated and yelling “representative” until you’re red in the face. People want to talk to an actual person. They want to establish a relationship with someone who hears them and understands their problems. And the key to having a satisfied client is to establish trust.

3. Provide superior customer service

78% of consumers have bailed on a transaction or not made an intended purchase because of poor service experience. That stat should be a huge wake-up call for business owners.

Customer service is an absolute necessity in today’s customer-based world. This means responding to customers in a timely manner on social channels, forums, review sites, or emails whenever they have a question, inquiry, or concern. But, you also need to go above and beyond. Listen to what your customers are saying about you on social media. If you spot a customer raving about your company, thank them publicly for the kind words. If they have something negative to say, publicly, or privately—offer to make things right.

4. Ask questions

Asking your client questions goes hand-in-hand with establishing trust. Next time you’re chatting with your client on the phone, get to know them a little better. Ask them about their family or what plans they have for the weekend. Clients will appreciate that you’re not just after their money, but actually, want to get to know them. Pay attention to their answers and store that information for the next time you’re speaking with them. Showing your clients that you actually listen and remember what they tell you will go a long way in forging a deeper connection.

Getting to know your clients also has the added benefit of being able to anticipate their needs. Once they’ve opened up to you, they’ll be comfortable with explaining exactly what they’re looking for. And once you get to know their day-to-day life and their needs, you’ll be better equipped at providing the right products for their marketing campaign.

5. Show you care

Once you’ve formed a personal relationship with your clients, you must also work on connecting with them on a larger scale. On a company level, how are you connecting with your clients? Can your clients relate to your company’s motto and values? Your clients are looking for businesses that not only care about the customer but also about what your company is doing to better the world. Customers will purchase a product from a company that is devoted to bettering the community.

Kulenga Digital Marketing is of the notion the customer is King and we try by all means to communicate and work, hand in hand with our customers. We also encourage our customers to do the same, and our digital marketing team is ready to assist you in that department. Do give us a call on WhatsApp or a shout in our inbox.

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